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        JinYe company is located in the beautful Wuxi city China and it is only one hour's distance from ShangHai to Wuxi by car via highway, also 5 kilometers away from Wuxi airport.
        JinYe is the special field manufacturer who produces flatter series equipment (thickness 0.18-25mm, width 200-2500mm) and slitter series equipment (thickness 0.25-16mm, width 200-2500mm).Our company has hydraulic and electric engineers and a complete quality control system and provides high class quelified products with latest advanced products structure, new technics, new materials and new technology from abroad and home. We also can design and produce speaial offstandard products according to user's requirements as well as consultation on designing, manufacturing and technology.
        We attach great attention to credit and quality, pay much attention

        Copyright ◎ 2016 WUXI JINYE COMPLETE SET OF EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. All rights reserved
        Factory Add:No.9,Zhang Gong Road,Meicun Industrial Park,XinWu District,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China
        Office Add: No.8-2305,TianShan Road,No. 1 Changjiang River,XinWu District,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China Tel:0510-88158186 Fax:0510-88159195